Seven Things to Know Before Accepting Bonus Money From Online Casinos

There are many casinos popping up on the internet these days, and they all offer some kind of incentive to sign up new members. New depositing players can get bonuses, daily bonuses and money back on any losses. Monthly promotions are also available. You should read the terms and conditions of each casino before accepting these bonuses. This information will help you make a better decision about whether you wish to use the bonuses.

1) You need to be aware of the different bonuses your casino offers. Lucky Live Casino and almost all other casinos offer some type of “Initial deposit Bonus”, which will pay a portion of your first deposit up until a pre-determined amount. Lucky Live Casino, for example, offers 100% on initial deposits up to 100. Smart Live Casino, on the other hand, is offering 15% on initial deposits up to PS300. Bonuses that are paid out for deposits by existing players or promotions that last for a certain amount of time will also be available. There are many bonuses that can be used to refer friends, such as the “Refer a friend” bonus which pays for each person you refer to the casino. You also have the option of comp rewards for frequent players. A bonus that reimburses players for losses they have sustained over a certain time is one of the most popular bonuses.

2) Although some of the bonuses may sound appealing, they are not available for all players. Sign-On Bonuses are a great example. They can only be claimed when a player makes their first deposit to a casino. The bonus will be removed from your account after you have made your first deposit. The best option is to search for a “second deposit Bonus” or “Comp Point” reward scheme. These bonus offers can be used on multiple or all subsequent deposits. Refer a friend Bonuses are almost inexhaustible. Players who refer you will receive a bonus. Monthly promotions and drawings have a fixed end date and time. For most drawings, a minimum deposit is required to be eligible.

To stop players cashing out after collecting their bonus money, Wagering Requirements almost always accompany a bonus. A Wagering requirement is simply the amount of money needed to wager before a player can withdraw money from their account. Most casinos require wagers equal to the bonus plus the qualifying deposit mega888 ios. Circus Casino has a 25-time wagering requirement on its Initial Deposit Bonus. If your initial deposit is 150 and you receive 150 bonus money, your wagering requirements will be 25 times 150 + 150 or 7500. There will be a difference in wagering requirements between casinos. Some casinos may have a higher requirement while others may have lower wagering requirements. There may be other restrictions, so you should not just focus on the bonus amount.

4) The “fine print”, which may contain restrictions on games that are subject to wagering requirements, might include the following: Some casinos allow all wagers on Slots to be applied towards the wagering requirements. Live dealer roulette wagers are not included in this calculation. Only live blackjack wagers are allowed. These restrictions will usually be stated in the terms of the bonus. Although you might need to look a little further, it is always in your best interest for this information to be found before you commit to anything.

You also need to consider the method by which the bonus is paid. Many bonuses are paid out to players as a cash deposit. But you’ll also find some that are given out as prizes, entries in a prize draw, or points that can be converted into cash or prizes.

6) Check out the section that describes terms and conditions. This is a tedious but very important part of fact finding. These terms and conditions are quite precise. Although they might not make for an exciting read, they are essential information that you know before you play. Find bonuses that reward you for playing live dealer games if you want to really play them. You shouldn’t accept a bonus if it will prevent you from playing the game you really enjoy.

7) Last but not the least, you should find out the penalties for withdrawing money before meeting the wagering requirements. You cannot withdraw any bonus money or any winnings from the bonus you received until the wagering requirements have been met. After you accept the bonus and make a deposit, two separate deposits will be made to your account: one for your initial deposit as well as one for the bonus. Your “bonus pool”, which is the sum of all your wagers, will be used until you reach your wagering requirement.