Almost Killed Over a Formula on How to Win the Lottery, Guaranteed

Cold Steel

Larry felt the steel of his revolver press against his head as cold as ice, but little drops of sweat began to form on his forehead. They soon started trickling down his face, stinging his eyes.

Now that I’ve finally achieved it and have figured out how I can win the guaranteed lottery, I’m going to die. Thought Oklahoma Mathematics professor Larry Blair. Two gunmen poked Larry with the muzzle of a revolver and asked him to go along. Larry’s thoughts started to race.

He thought of his family and said, “If I go with these men, I probably won’t be able to see them again.” They were standing outside in the parking lot of the mall.

He tried to stall, “What do you want?” In the light breeze, there was a vague smell of food being fried.

The smaller of the two gunmen snapped, shoving the steel muzzle closer to his head. They wanted his formula to guarantee winning the lottery – although it wasn’t exactly guaranteed, it had increased his chances to win to approximately 48% or nearly 1 to 2.

A bold decision

The bold decision was made by the professor. He decided that he would rather make a run for it in public, and not reveal how to win the guaranteed lottery, than wait until he was caught by the gunmen. His method of winning the lottery had taken him 8 years to perfect. He was now facing death after eight years of hard work and three wins in the lottery. The professor grimaced, lowered his head and fled from their grasp.

He didn’t hear the gun ring and he didn’t notice the blood gushing from his foot until he was away from them. It was not clear why they shot him in his foot, but not his back. Unless they wanted to stop him from killing himself, that is. They would have lost so much if he had not been killed.

The Professor has since fallen to his knees and is now selling his methods for winning the lottery guaranteed. He lives with his family in quieter times.


As shrewd as they might seem, games of chance aren’t a joke. If you are able to understand probability, it is possible. Probability isn’t a magic bullet that will eliminate chance or give you the answers to your question about how to win the lottery, but it can help us to predict what event might occur, such as the winning of the lottery ซื้อหวยออนไลน์.

If a single lottery ticket was sold, the odds of it winning a lottery jackpot were 1 to 1,000,000. However, if less than 1 million tickets were sold, the odds of someone winning a lottery drop to 1. This means that almost no one will win the lottery.

As an example, Die

A pair of dice is a pair. However, a single die is called a “die”. Let’s now look at a die. You would expect at most six of the 6 sides to show up on any given throw. If you choose a 3, and you guess a 3, you will win one out of six throws.

This means that you can count the throws. The longer a 3 doesn’t appear in a sequence of 6 throws, the better your chances of it appearing. The odds of a 3 not appearing in a roll are increasing.

The Guarantee

This type of math was used by Professor Blair to create his guaranteed method for winning the lottery. Interesting is the guaranteed part. Listen to the whole story. He says that you can win the lottery if you use his method for 60 days. If you don’t, he will give you twice your money back.